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A Brief History of Thought: A Philosophical Guide to Living - Luc Ferry Well , rating this book is kind of dilemma to me , As a book speaks about history of thought it gives no history , its better to call it A Selective Outlines of Thought , this title would be compatible with the sub-title A Philosophical Guide to Living .

The book is easy and readable to everyone , Ferry meant to keep away all the academic philosophers and their complex ideas , just to make the reader passes from one chapter to another as he reads a romantic novel or something similar . that is why the book hold no thoughts of Schopenhauer , Plato ,Spinoza nor Hobbes , he mentioned Descartes briefly and prejudicedly , and devoted a whole chapter for Nietzsche's philosophy , which was the most interesting chapter in the whole book , as I am a big fan of him .

It has opened my eyes towards a philosopher which I have forgotten in my long journey , Heidegger he will be my next winter reading challenge .