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Opening the eye of new Awareness

Opening the eye of new Awareness - Dalai Lama No one can explain Buddhism more than The Dalai Lama , in this book I have found religious dimension Unusually in other books of Dalai Lama , in my opinion where religion put a foot , contradiction put the other , I am talking on the ground of reincarnation and the " new life time " , we are told that our minds have roots from former life time , the evidence is that we remember events and some circumstances from that life time , so if we compare things and events that we do Not remember , and people who do Not remember events from another life , with which they do , we will see that the number of people who did remember are too little to build such religions system according to them , therefore its not the right explanation of this phenomena ( I personally have heard about this phenomena in my region , unfortunately they have the same explanation :/ )
Ethics system of Buddhism seemed better than Abraham system , at least it considers that killing animals ( whatever reason )is non virtue action.