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Understanding Life: An Introduction to the Psychology of Alfred Adler

Understanding Life: An Introduction to the Psychology of Alfred Adler - Alfred Adler - First I want to mention an Idea that occupy enormous space in my mind , the idea that all motivating and human development books are talking about , I am not interesting in that kind of books , but just for " thought "
we are told that " you become what you think about " dispite if Buddha have said something similar or not , I found it here in Individual Psychology with Dr Adler , because Individual Psychology count of future more thatn the past , under the desire to develop, to strive and to achieve . that made me take the matter seriously as I had experience about the same thing

- human being cannot be divided into types because every human being has an individual life style. Just as one cannot find two leaves of a tree that are absolutely identical, one cannot find two human beings who are absolutely alike . this is the essence of Individual Psycology in my opinion .
this book have been written after " Understanding Human Nature " in that book , Adler classified human psyche into tow sections , offensive and defensive and presented the characteristics according to that division
here I found that he moidified this situation in a way I could maybe dell with .

" A pine tree growing in the valley grows differently from one on top of a mountain "
after all it was an Interesting and inspiring book , Adler`s Psychologoy tend to be like common sense and easy to accept , I am willing to accept almost all what the book said .